I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer and author who fuses sound and science in my stories. I love to explore the surreal and strange experiences found at the edge of consciousness in my work. Living with music triggered epilepsy both informs and inspires my creative practice, often adding an extra twist to my free improvisations.

I currently perform with my band Spiral Dial – check out our monthly podcast here- and Paraorchestra on woodwinds, electronics, vocals and keys and am available for remote and in person session work.

The robo-recorder live in action making INNERVATE, an audiovisual installation about music triggered epilepsy

In case you’re wondering if that’s a tenor recorder with a circuit board in the picture, yes indeed, you’re absolutely right! Having got up close and personal with the sharp end of a soldering iron, I built my own custom instrument- the robo-recorder- to facilitate extra electronic madness.

Spiral Dial was born after I was awarded the Help Musicians UK Fusion Fund. We decided to bring music triggered epilepsy to life through my audiovisual installation INNERVATE. These days we produce a monthly subscription serial story with live improvised music. Do join us for a regular dose of musical, medical scifi here….if you dare!

Artwork by Pushing Normal

Collaborations have included James Holden and the Animal Spirits, The Memory Band, David Ryder Prangley and others- head on over here for some examples.

Liza Bec by David Ryder Prangley 2018

Hold on tight for a whistle stop tour of some of my previous work….

A short excerpt from INNERVATE, complete with Dan Tombs’ wonderful visuals.

Excerpt from INNERVATE, an AV installation about music triggered epilepsy, funded by Help Musicians UK. Visuals by Dan Tombs and Catalina Velasquez Gonzalez

Watch the robo-recorder in the wild, wonderful acoustics of Guy’s Hospital here. All music/lyrics improvised live.

I spend a lot of (too much?) time imagining twisted stories and then writing music to go with them. You can read Beyond the Blonde on Kindle here and download the music here.

Anna finds herself trapped in a dystopian future where everything is not as it seems. Chasing her frustrated dreams of glamour with the charismatic and elusive Rick, her wild ride turns into a twisted nightmare.

Another favourite tune I wrote about a traumatised cat discovering their owner’s body- performed live at The Troubadour, with added clarinet.

While we’re on the subject of over-dramatic music videos, this one was a result of a wild Dionysian fantasy which never quite made it into published form. This may change, so sign up to the blog for updates!

Seven Deadly Sins anyone? A popular topic, I know. Here’s Jealousy, performed with my old and much loved band Bordello Rose.

And back to folk…. Weirdly, I wrote this song about something that was yet to happen in real life. (Just in case you’re wondering, I do indulge in Tarot but I don’t yet offer fortune telling services.)

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Multi Instrumentalist, Composer and Author