Wouldn’t it be great if holidays could last forever….?

I just got back from an amazing surf trip to Barbados and figured that if I wrote some songs about it, I could capture the spirit of the ocean.  And when I’d finished writing them, I just couldn’t wait to get into the studio and record them!

So this Sunday (20th March) I’ll be at Unit 2 Studios in Acton recording three tracks in one day (!) with the fantastic Adie Hardy.  David Ryder Prangley and Kamil Krol will be joining me on bass and drums, and I’ll be on keys and doubtless blowing a few things too….

Not only that, we’re going to be filming as we go. THEN we’re going to combine the studio grime with some awesome footage from Jay Garrett at Ride the Tide surf school, who is not only a great teacher but a great surfer too.

And because nothing focuses the mind like a deadline, the EP and video will be OUT online on the 28th March!

It’s a tight schedule but life is short and holidays don’t last forever…. so I wanna take you where the waves are breaking right now!

Check out the Facebook event here for updates on how we are getting on in the studio….

love , peace and WAVES

Liza xxx

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