Just got back from the studio where we’ve been working on a brand new EP for release later in the year featuring three brand new tracks. Large amounts of tea were drunk to soothe our post viral vocals, although Kamil did get started on the beer later on in the session (a sign of recovery?!).  DRP was rocking the bass as always with Adie Hardy working his electronic magic- not only that but thumb pianos were involved, which is a first for me. We’ll be finishing all three tracks off later in the week.

I’ll also be supporting the mighty Pavlov’s Dog at the Underworld tomorrow night with Bordello Rose- really looking forward to this one. We’re gearing up for our album release on the 22nd June at the Black Heart Camden which should be an absolute cracker!

Finally I’m gonna be indulging my inner jazz recorder fiend in a collaboration with the fantastic Mr James Holden, including some new and sexy tenor recorder multiphonics locked and loaded for recording in June. Can’t wait to share it all with you later in the year!

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