So if you take some funky saxes, fake cocaine (inositol, for all you chemists out there), a bull’s head mask and some rather spooky London woodlands, what do you get?

Well, after tomorrow’s music video shoot you’re going to find out!

You may have heard that my new five track EP, Out Of Control, is coming out on the 12th December,  featuring once more the awesome David Ryder Prangley from Sister Witch on the bass and Kamil J Krol from Bordello Rose on the drums, and we’re preparing a real treat to go with it!

I’m extremely excited to be collaborating once more with the amazing Benjamin Britworth, who directed Jealousy last year. You can check out his work here. We’ve been beavering away coming up with a gripping plotline involving blood, excess and above all a PARTY to go with the spirit of the track!

cameraI’ve just been on an emergency underwear mission (costumes!), the cameras are charging, the feast is prepared, and we are good to go!

Check my Instagram page for updates on the shoot tomorrow. Happy weekend! x

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