So we are now well and truly on tour….in fact I’m writing this while Will is driving to Mr Wolf’s in Bristol where we’ll be playing a set later tonight!


Last night we had a lovely evening at the Oakford in Reading with the fantastic Rose Segal also on the bill- Laszlo provided us with some welcome refreshments of the beer variety which got things off to a great start! I had to play through the pain thanks to a rowing induced blister on my sax thumb, but we kept it funky nonetheless.

We also got our funky matching meggings out, sent to us by Kapow- they are super comfy and definitely proving a talking point. We are just waiting for our T shirts to arrive, Lois the cat has been heavily involved in their design….!

Will got a trifle hangry after playing so we headed out for a naughty curry and ice cream…. after noshing down on 6 curries in 7 days last week the diet is definitely starting today! In fact we have been for a muddy sprint with the dog so it’s not all talk.


As if that’s not enough excitement, the trailer for Out Of Control is now online….let’s be honest, I AM getting far too excited about this! We’re keeping things mysterious for now but cant wait to show you the full short film on the 27th! We’re also doing a live acoustic Facebook broadcast at 5pm on the 27th to coincide with the video release. You can give my page a like to get more updates on this at

Phew! So all we have to do now is go and play! Next stop after tonight will be the Bedford in Balham on Wed 16th- can’t wait to be back on home turf and hoping to see a few of you there!

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