Well, it’s been an eventful year- full to the brim with so many fun projects! I’m looking forward to much more of the same in 2017.  It’s been fantastic to have so much more time and space to spend on music these days and I’m incredibly grateful to all the people who have made that possible.


Not only did Bordello Rose finally release our first album ( and about time given that we recorded it in 2014!) I have put out two solo EPs and videos as Liza Bec- check them out if you haven’t already!

Will Purdue and I have also been on the road with an eventful tour as Purdue and Bec –  up and down the UK, Sweden and Denmark gigging our little hearts out with some very cool outfits from Kapow Meggings!


Photo copyright BOZAR Brussels 2016

I’ve really enjoyed unleashing my inner free jazz demon when collaborating with James Holden on his latest record. Can’t wait until it is due out in 2017- we have had lots of fun performing at Bozar, Brussels and Turin Jazz Festival so far and looking forward to more dates next year.

We have had some amazing photo shoots with Martin Petty and David Ryder Prangley – in the last one I actually managed to perform some unintended gymnastics and damage the photographic paper, so will not be overestimating my agility in the future. Even though I did manage a pretty cool inversion on the monkey bars in the dressing room in Turin a few weeks ago without harming anyone!

We’re looking forward to more collaborations with Benjamin Britworth and David Ryder Prangley next year, including a short film and a series of videos which we want everyone to get involved in. Can’t wait to tell you all about it! Until then it’s only left to wish you all a very happy New Year- may you have health happiness and as much champagne as you can drink!

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