Well, it’s that time of year….when all the independent musicians are hibernating indoors doing their admin. Let’s not mention the TAX RETURN as this year I have delegated that joyous task to a lovely accountant. I’m talking about festival admin. For Purdue and Bec and Bordello Rose, mainly.  So if you have anywhere you’d like us to play get in touch… with us and them, recommendations always help!purdue-and-bec-logo

We’re having a month off gigging in order to recharge the batteries and work on some new material. Luckily this has coincided with my coming down with the ubiquitous and rather spectacular lurgy/bronchitis/general voice wrecking virus. On the plus side, it means that I really don’t have an excuse to put off invoicing/emailing/researching and doing all the stuff we put of cos playing is so much more fun!


Will’s two new EPs are being recorded over the next couple of months as well as a new short film project with Benjamin Britworth, and we have some plans for a series to be recorded later in the year. We had such a brilliant 2016 collaborating with amazing visual artists and  musicians so we are looking forward to building on that into 2017.

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