Out of the Mix

I have news…….THE EP IS MIXED!

Time to dance!

Liza Bec by David Ryder Prangley 2016
Liza Bec by David Ryder Prangley 2016

As you probably know by now, my previous projects have been recorded in very little studio time, so I’m super excited to have had the chance to work on creating something a little bit different! I think I’ve really managed to combine all the different types of music I play, from folk to funk via country, electronica and rock so I just cannot wait to get it out into the world!

Adie and I had a LOT of fun in the studio experimenting with some unusual effects, and as usual I got to play many, many instruments, from sopranino recorder to keys to Eb clarinet. Adam Hayes, Will Purdue, Andy Fuller and David Ryder Prangley have all added very special parts to the record, Adie himself added some super funky guitar and the amazing Pete Maher is mastering as we speak!

I also had the chance to add some bass clarinet to a track for the fantastic Sarah Vista‘s album. This lady sounds just fabulous and you should definitely check her out!

Liza Bec and Will Purdue by David Ryder Prangley, September 2017
Liza Bec and Will Purdue by David Ryder Prangley, September 2017

We have lots in the pipeline including a LIVE video coming out in November and an acoustic performance for none other than Sofar Sounds. I don’t think we’re allowed to tell you where that one is though, you’ll have to sign up on their website to be let in on the secret, or watch on YouTube afterwards of course!

We are taking a little break from gigging while gearing up for the EP launches, but there will be lots of dates to come in January and February. I’m also excited to be playing with James Holden in November and December and would love to see you at one of those gigs- check the list here! We’ll also be playing live on Radio X and BBC 6music if you can’t make it, more details nearer the time.

I’m going to run and carry on with cooking up some fabulous Beyond the Blonde related merch for you including some extremely shiny vinyl and some reading material for those long, cold January evenings. More news on here very soon!

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