Hello all,

I hope you are managing to stay warm and cosy in the damp November grey!

While curled up with the cats in front of the snooker I really wanted to share with you a short snippet from our first live robo recorder show at Guys Hospital recently.

The fear factor was fully present – this song was completely improvised (not around a pre existing idea either!) However having overcome the initial terror I’m really loving the freedom and possibilities which open up for us around a performance which is truly a blank slate. I also did the sound here myself, so I’m pretty proud of that (and also looking forward to having someone else doing it next time!)

Talking of next time, there will be big news later this week on upcoming shows. It’s something completely new for us which I really hope you will love! So please keep an eye out for an email.

Until then, I send you purrs from the cats and a large, steaming virtual mug of hot chocolate!

Liza x

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