VAULT festival

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite freaked out by the fact that 2019 is already drawing to a close. At the same time, I’m incredibly excited to tell you that we have been chosen to perform our new immersive audiovisual show, Innervate, at VAULT festival in London on the 28th and 29th January 2020!

So many people ask me what it’s like to have music triggered epilepsy. Now you can come and see for yourself-  book your tickets for the show here!

While it’s based on my own experiences, it is (of course) set in a dystopian, mind-mangling future and features stunning visuals designed by Dan Tombs, who has recently been on tour with Jon Hopkins amongst others.

We’ll be improvising all the music live, and by we I mean my new band, Spiral Dial! I’ll be playing my robo-recorder, synth and singing, with Adam Hayes on cajon and David Ryder Prangley on bass guitar and narrating. Please do check out our shiny new website and add us on social media, as that’s where I will be sharing snippets from the story together with fresh material in the New Year.

It’s a completely new venture for me and I am especially happy to be doing it at home in London, and at such an incredible and eclectic festival. We will also be collecting for Epilepsy Action at the end of each performance.

This is going to be a completely one off show, so I’d really love to see you there and share it with you. Please do spread the word, via snail mail, electronic broadcast or carrier pigeon according to your personal preference.

I wish all of you a cosy and warm December, fingers crossed it will be full of more good news for everyone!

Liza x