The best part of lockdown for me has been getting to experience all of the treasures which lie hidden just out of sight. In the case of Southside House, I must have run past it hundreds, if not thousands of times without venturing inside. Faint rumours of a vintage sale spread far enough to draw me out across Wimbledon Common this sunny afternoon to discover a magical place.

Adam, the owner, was kind enough to show me the music room, a gorgeous space complete with stunning acoustics. I hear they have a couple of concerts coming up in July- what a beautiful place to play this must be! Sadly the house is up for sale, so the future of musical events there is uncertain. I for one very much hope that it will be preserved. There are too few such venues in London these days.

What a classic tambourine! It instantly reminded me of David Ryder Prangley. I have a feeling he would love to shake this on stage with Rachel Stamp! Sadly it was not for sale!

This isn’t an antique but it certainly transported me back in time: the very first clarinet book I learnt with over thirty years ago! Seeing it in such surroundings made me feel older than I am….

After spending some time browsing the books and bric a brac I got to play football with the extremely energetic dog. Luckily both of us somehow managed to avoid breaking any of the lovely china on display.

It seems everywhere one looks in London these days there are endings. I could feel the emotion in selling so many mementoes of their family. Luckily I was able to give several items a new beginning in a good home….

Yes, you are right, this really is a vintage chamberpot. This will be my father’s new seat of honour! Also note the book, Letters of a Diplomat’s Wife. I’m particularly interested to read this one- a woman’s point of view from those times is rare to find!

This cute mirror is perfect for my dressing table.

Having been refused permission to buy modern matches in the supermarket without ID, it’s reassuring that I’m permitted to buy antique ones…. These will live in the studio with my Canarian lamp!

I’ve always wanted a tea set! And now I have two- this lovely teapot plus a beautiful gold one which is still in its box as I’m contemplating where it will live. (It’s not suitable for pussum antics….) Plus an original Sanatogen jar!

Cassum inspecting a less fragile addition to the kitchen….

I hear they may be having another sale at some point soon, but I won’t be telling you when in case you beat me to it!

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