Feeling so lucky to be at the beach SURFING for the first time in nearly a year! True to form I’ve got lost several times already. Porthcawl may seem like a sleepy seaside town with miles of stunning beaches but it turns out there is more here than first meets the eye.  So far highlights include: many, many Welsh ponies, a flock of geese lapping up the effluent of the local sewage works (niffy), an impassable estuary and a near escape from some sinking sand*, much to the relief of the onlooking RNLI.

Not only that, but I’m en route to Bristol for a week playing (and dancing – trying to, anyway) with a group of people as talented as they are lovely, the amazing Paraorchestra. SMOOSH! is their biggest project yet and I’m so excited to be involved. Featuring 70+ musicians and dancers, the performances are in Knowle West, Bristol on Fri 17 Sep, 4pm & 6.30pm so do join us if you’re in the area.  Check the trailer for a sneak preview!

* legit 100% proof sinking sand, last victim rescued 3 months ago, and yes, you’re right, I am covered in stinky grey mud, and no, these trainers will never be the same colour again.

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