I can’t quite believe it but the very first episode of Spiral Dial, the podcast, is coming out next Friday the 29th October! Check out the trailer, narrated by the wonderful David Ryder Prangley. You can now follow us on Soundcloud, iTunes, RSS, Google or Spotify to get it as soon as it’s out. Subscribe to read the story for free on our website.

Spiral Dial: The Podcast. Artwork by Pushing Normal

Why so incredulous? Well, some of you may know I was a late starter when it comes to recorded music, having been banned from listening to anything but plainsong for most of my early childhood. My first close up view of a microphone in soundcheck a decade ago almost provoked a panic attack. Fast forward through a few years of hard lurking in other people’s studios and I’d convinced myself I could give this recording lark a good go. 

Talk about a steep learning curve. Having had a hole put in my eardrum by a stray wave in the noughties, I figured I was destined to pan everything slightly too far to the right forever. (Note to all musical surfers: wear earplugs!) 

So I was super excited to discover that after only a few months of working on regular listening exercises I am able to hear sounds that I have never heard before. It’s been like submerging myself in a shiny new acoustic bath, full of bright bubbles exploding into rainbow foam! Not to mention being able to pick out frequencies I thought were destined for only dogs to enjoy. It is one thing knowing you hear with your brain and not your ears, and quite another experiencing the wonder of it first hand. 

The down side of this is that I can now hear exactly how good my early mixes are. (I mean, I can hear exactly how much I have improved…..and plenty still to go!) We started recording this podcast live in October 2020, making musical madness every month to keep us sane. So as you listen to these episodes you really are coming on a journey with us. 

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Looking forward to hearing what you all think! Sending you very best wishes and lots of purrs.

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