Today was a big day because I got to give some of my favourite sheet music to my eldest godchild for his birthday! I am beyond excited to give the gift of Beethoven, but still can’t quite believe that a human being whose parents I introduced and whom I still view as an embryo has learnt the piano seemingly in the blink of an eye! 

I feel like it’s the best gift you can ever give, a truly incredible book or piece of music to experience for the very first time! Don’t get me wrong, a free holiday is always appreciated too if you’re offering. Share music or literature, though, and you hand over the key to a completely different world, minus the queue for the space shuttle. 

The sad fact remains that even if we all listen to new music for every second of every remaining day for the rest of our lives, we’re still going to miss out on most of it! Although I do try my best to multi task (free weights while watching French Netflix being my current favourite) I feel like time is against us. So the question remains, how to fit all of the best things into the few years we have left on this planet? 

Maybe the answer is to share more! I always appreciate it when others tell me their top tips but for some reason want to keep everything I discover all to myself. So I’ve decided I’m going to aim to become one of those people who texts friends songs to listen to over breakfast. Ok, let’s be real, maybe it’s going to be lunch, or dinner, or perhaps a midnight feast. Hell, maybe I’ll even tweet about what I’m hearing and reading sometimes. Let’s all tune out the news and spend the rest of the end of the world hanging out in a giant sonic ball pit! 

Four people having fun in a large ball pit!
NB picture pre dates covid, obvs, in the fun times 😉