Why does no one send anything by post anymore? 

I can confirm that there’s nothing which brightens up the day more than receiving a mysterious rubber implement in the mail. Especially when the object in question is bright pink, makes marvellous noises and is constructed by none other than the fabulous Mr Sam Underwood! What a privilege. 

I have hardly been able to wait to get my hands on this lil creature ever since. Due to being unexpectedly bogged down in a total morass of megacrises (redundancy, revalidation and as an extra special bonus, an inadvertent and unjustified arrest) I saved this one for a much needed Monday evening therapeutic improvisatory BLAST. Dusting off my best rubber lips, I hooked it up to one of the roborecorder effects racks and had a delay fuelled PARP.

Followed by a more chilled out …parp.

(This is more of a naked pink parper vibe.)

(Thunder, thunder, thunder thunder cats…..HOOOOO by the way, for all you 80s kids! Also yes, I know, I put the phone the wrong way up to record this….but it does have the added bonus of hiding the clarinet case chaos currently clogging up the floor underneath the keyboard, so it’s actually an improvement.) 

I was instructed to add a piece of lead piping on to maximise the effect. Cluedo fans will be relieved to hear that unfortunately, there is no lead piping in my studio…..

I am actually pretty excited about the number of notes I can get out of this creation! Not to mention the multiphonics and….flexible….tuning. Check it out and see what you think! Maybe I’ll be taking up the Pink Parper instead of the recorder in the future. Certainly will save me room in my luggage! Sam, I’d like more tiny things to blow over here please….

PS It’s Bandcamp Friday BTW and you can check out Sam’s Bandcamp here….and mine is over here! Although to my knowledge the pink parper does not yet feature on either, but who knows what can happen in the future….