WARNING: Dragoncat on the loose! Watch it now…. and come see it live! We will be playing Servant Jazz Quarters next Tuesday, the 10th January, with a new, improved dragoncat set 2023 style. It’s our first gig since 2020 (!) and we can’t wait to be in the room with you at last. Get your tickets here!

Visuals by Dan Tombs and Catalina Velasquez Gonzalez

Back in 2019, just after the roborecorder was born, we all huddled up in Unit 2 Studios in Acton and had an epilepsy themed cyberpunk jam! It’s a pleasure to share it with you at last. Especially as Unit 2 now only exists in memory.

You might well ask why it has taken so very long for me to release this music? The answer is that I had a LOT going on at the time we made this, mainly of the not-very-good variety. This recording was one moment in time, unedited and uncensored, and for quite a while it was a moment I very much wanted to forget. I had imagined the end result to be glitchy and imperfect to reflect my experience with music triggered epilepsy, and recording the whole piece in one take with no edits, using a new instrument, in the middle of a personal and professional crisis most certainly achieved that, but it also led to me second guessing myself afterwards and doing the mental equivalent of burying the results in a very deep hole!

We did release one track, Brain Song, before the pandemic steamed in and Spiral Dial the serial took over our brainwaves! However, when I was asked to choose 30 seconds of music to feature in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry exhibition Turn It Up: The Power of Music (a challenge- try it with your own music for a real brain buster!) I ended up coming back to this track as the one I really wanted to include. So many thanks to MOSI for the final push to get this music out into the world!

Revenge of the Dragoncat is the very end part of my EP and short story INNERVATE which will be coming out on 10th February 2023. You can pre order the whole thing on Bandcamp now, which also includes a copy of the short story. For anyone who is wondering what a dragoncat is and what on earth it has to do with epilepsy, I promise this will answer all of your questions. Well, some of them, anyway.

I’m so grateful for everyone’s hard work while making this music with me and since. Especially David Ryder Prangley for endless creativity and optimism, Adam Hayes for his epic drumming, Dan Tombs and Catalina Velasquez Gonzalez for the hypnotic visuals, Adie Hardy for recording it so beautifully and David McEwan for doing such an amazing mix. Above all I’m grateful to Help Musicians UK Fusion Fund for enabling us to get in studio to do it and in the process making me get over myself and get the project done!

I hope you enjoy the dragoncat’s antics. Looking forward to sharing the whole EP with you next month!



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