Hello everyone!

I write to you from a train heading back from witnessing the early stages of development of a fantastic project in Bristol. And it’s not a one off! Exciting new projects seem to be a feature of these months. So much so that lots of them seem to be happening simultaneously, giving me the opportunity to exist in multiple dimensions across time, towns and even continents…. Only a few weeks ago I was honoured to have my first ever Atmos mix shared at none other than Dolby HQ in London to a crowd of eminent spatial sound specialists, while simultaneously dancing and playing the sopranino recorder in Weston Super Mare performing SMOOSH! with a crowd of the best musicians and dancers ever in Paraorchestra. 

And now to the future!

The roborecorder is travelling to China! (Virtually, that is, for now at least….)  I am absolutely delighted to share that my work using technology and artificial intelligence will be showcased in the Exhibition of the Golden Flower, Macao on the 7th October. Check out the exhibition site here for more details.

At the same time another physical roborecorder incarnation will be making its way back home to London as Turn It Up! The Power of Music opens at the Science Museum on the 16th October until 6th May 2024. It’s an absolutely fantastic exhibition with lots of intriguing instruments and opportunities to get hands on and make some music- one to experience for sure! Check out more details here.

Plus NEW music in the form of CRYSTALQUEER, a huge audiovisual commission C.H.A.I.N.E.S and I are making especially for The Glasshouse International Centre for Music, formerly known as the Sage, is happening on 23rd November in Gateshead. 

Should geometry define who you are when it’s so changeable? Or should it be the way the light passes through you?

Part cyborg concert, part audiovisual installation, part video game, this is the premiere of a cutting-edge electronic work by two composer-performers with firsthand experience of life beyond the gender binary. CRYSTALQUEER’s electronic sounds and visuals are inspired by the evolution of the Gateshead riverside from flat mediaeval salt meadow to modern ten sided concert hall.

Be subsumed in this unique live performance experience in surround sound as Liza’s roborecorder and Cee’s electronically enhanced flute transform the unique space of Sage 2 into a celebration of queer crystals. Expect edgy, dark synths, dirty bass, abstract fragments of spoken word and soaring melodic lines lit up by original sound responsive video game style visuals. Come and be inspired by the beauty of moving beyond binary restrictions towards multidimensional freedom.”

Get your tickets now here!

Finally, I’m delighted to be working with Surgeons Girl and Paraorchestra on a huge new commission to celebrate the opening of the Bristol Beacon on the 30th November. Expect trippy polyrhythmic beats, mind bending visuals from Limbic Cinema and huge orchestral arrangements courtesy of Oli Vibrans conducted in style by Charles Hazlewood. Tickets are available here.

Alongside all of this I’m working on a hugely exciting recording and writing project, the most ambitious I’ve ever attempted, together with the new series of Spiral Dial, so forgive me if I am less on social media than usual. The next episode of Spiral Dial is due out as always this Friday the 29th September- listen and subscribe on the website for more updates! 

More news soon- sending you all the purple music from Anarres, plus the cats send purrs

Liza x

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