I write to you sitting in my studio Anarres flaunting a giant black boot propped up on a subwoofer. When I arranged my 7.1 system only a few months ago I hadn’t realised just how perfect the sub placement would be for my future ankle injury. And no, I’ve not been skiing. This injury is courtesy of your favourites, South West Trains, while en route to a Paraorchestra workshop. I don’t think producer extraordinaire Hannah had a night in A&E scheduled but we did it anyway AND then played roborecorder with MiMU gloves to boot!

freshly booted/crutched at the incredible Paraorchestra workshop Tech and Play

freshly booted/crutched at the incredible Paraorchestra workshop Tech and Play

Torn ligament aside, it’s been an incredible year in so many ways, almost surreal, in that artistic projects I thought I could only ever dream of making became reality (4D album/novel anyone?!), and at the same time all the suffering and horror in the world seeped into my dreams. The contrast sometimes seems disorienting, but today it only casts my gratitude into sharp relief. I’m so, so grateful to have had the chance to create music and joy and experiences with people I love in such beautiful places. And there have been so many of those, from Real World Studios to WOMEX to the newly renamed Glasshouse International Centre for Music.

It’s meant such a lot to have so many people believe in me and what I’m doing. It’s one thing making a plan and having ideas, and another to make them happen in reality. I can’t name everyone but you know who you all are! Having the support of the amazing artist development teams at Paraorchestra and the Glasshouse together with my brilliant ECSA mentor Sorana Santos has made it possible for me to dare to make dreams real. Plus the roborecorder is on display in the London Science Museum at the moment as a confidence boosting reminder! 

Talking of Paraorchestra there is currently a musician callout open until the 8th January- check it out right now! Applications close on the 8th January.

There’s already so much to look forward to in 2024 with lots of new places and people to connect with from Snape Maltings to Germany and Italy and beyond. Making all of this happen is so incredibly joyful and yet so incredibly hard- even though foot aside everything is going well for me! I’m praying for peace and happiness for everyone in the year to come, plus I’m planning to squeeze every last drop out of my soul in 2024…and to be dancing next New Year’s Eve! Wishing you all a very happy New Year.

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