I’m writing this curled up in the attic of a quiet central London cafe as I recover from the last month and a half of back to back creative projects. It’s been a fantastic and mind blowing time featuring so many amazing people, places and ideas that I have hardly had time to catch my breath to reflect! 

The very first big news I wanted to share with you is that the roborecorder and I have been selected for a showcase at Classical:NEXT on the 15th May at the Colosseum, Berlin. You can find the details here

 I am beyond proud to be presenting my cyborg plastic recorder on an international stage and particularly in Berlin, the home of experimental electronic music and a place I have previously only visited for less than 24 hours when playing Berghain back in my Animal Spirits days. 

It has been a long journey to get here, and when I say long, I mean literally decades. Flashback to being a 13 year old recorder player being told by the judge at a national Young Musician competition (which shall remain nameless!) that I would have got through to the next round had I been playing a ‘proper instrument’. (!) Then, after training to play a so called ‘proper’ instrument, acquiring glitchy hands which made playing the dots impossible. Not playing for years and returning to music through rock, electronic and folk music learning to improvise and create my own music. 

I strongly feel that you don’t need to have an expensive instrument and rich parents to make classical music. So grateful for this chance to show people this and at the same time make my childhood dreams come true! Particularly thankful for the help and support of everyone who has believed in me and helped to make this happen, from Leafcutter John for introducing me to the wonders of Teensy to my mentor Sorana Santos who encouraged me to put myself out there and apply for this opportunity. 

If you will be in Berlin between 13-18 May for Classical NEXT or any other reason please do drop me a line! I’m particularly interested to chat with venues, festivals, theatres, promoters and other musicians, especially of the experimental theatrical electronic variety. 

 Over the next couple of weeks expect a couple more blog entries from me. I’m still processing the events of two fantastic residencies at Paraorchestra and Britten Pears while simultaneously mixing the music.

Finally an imminent gig update: I will be performing on roborecorder with Paraorchestra and Surgeon’s Girl, an incredible electronic artist, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre at 8pm this Friday the 12th April as part of Trip the Light Fantastic. You can get tickets here. Hope to see you there! 

Liza x 

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