Over six months on, one ripped ankle and many moons later you can now watch an excerpt from CRYSTALQUEER live on the Glasshouse International Centre for Music’s YouTube!

Listen on headphones for the best experience, as the original show is quadraphonic.

The concept for this section of the show was developed on site in the venue in our 3 day R&D prior to the performance. The balconies were just too tempting to ignore, so we used them to fuse the very acoustic and mobile sound of my descant recorder with Cee’s extremely electronic and static wind instrument custom sample sound. Walking around the venue amid the moving spotlights was magical, especially returning to the ground floor and getting up close with the audience in this surreal crystalline sound forest.

You can read more about the concept behind CRYSTALQUEER in this feature by NARC magazine.

We are currently going through a reverse composing process with this piece, as we are constructing a score! We did use some notation when composing the piece, but many of the ideas, rhythms and sounds existed only in the bowels of Ableton and Max for Live. It’s been a fascinating process deconstructing the highly electroacoustic nature of the piece and finding out what the bare bones are beneath. Almost like an autopsy. And talking of autopsies, Cee has a premiere with GBSR duo coming up on the 7th July at Spitalfields Festival which I will certainly be attending and you should too!

If you’d like to get hold of a copy of the score/skeleton to perform CRYSTALQUEER, please do drop me a line. We are also taking bookings for the show for later this year.

Thanks so much to the Glasshouse for commissioning and supporting us to make this piece, and Rob Irish for amazing filming and editing. It has been an incredible journey since Cee and I met on Summer Studios 2022 and we are looking forward to many more adventures to come!

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