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Out of the Mix

I have news…….THE EP IS MIXED!

Time to dance!

Liza Bec by David Ryder Prangley 2016
Liza Bec by David Ryder Prangley 2016

As you probably know by now, my previous projects have been recorded in very little studio time, so I’m super excited to have had the chance to work on creating something a little bit different! I think I’ve really managed to combine all the different types of music I play, from folk to funk via country, electronica and rock so I just cannot wait to get it out into the world!

Adie and I had a LOT of fun in the studio experimenting with some unusual effects, and as usual I got to play many, many instruments, from sopranino recorder to keys to Eb clarinet. Adam Hayes, Will Purdue, Andy Fuller and David Ryder Prangley have all added very special parts to the record, Adie himself added some super funky guitar and the amazing Pete Maher is mastering as we speak!

I also had the chance to add some bass clarinet to a track for the fantastic Sarah Vista‘s album. This lady sounds just fabulous and you should definitely check her out!

Liza Bec and Will Purdue by David Ryder Prangley, September 2017
Liza Bec and Will Purdue by David Ryder Prangley, September 2017

We have lots in the pipeline including a LIVE video coming out in November and an acoustic performance for none other than Sofar Sounds. I don’t think we’re allowed to tell you where that one is though, you’ll have to sign up on their website to be let in on the secret, or watch on YouTube afterwards of course!

We are taking a little break from gigging while gearing up for the EP launches, but there will be lots of dates to come in January and February. I’m also excited to be playing with James Holden in November and December and would love to see you at one of those gigs- check the list here! We’ll also be playing live on Radio X and BBC 6music if you can’t make it, more details nearer the time.

I’m going to run and carry on with cooking up some fabulous Beyond the Blonde related merch for you including some extremely shiny vinyl and some reading material for those long, cold January evenings. More news on here very soon!

James Holden and the Animal Spirits OUT 3rd Nov 2017

Last summer I was privileged to take part in some very special live recording sessions with the electronic shaman James Holden. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and true to form it evolved into an unexpectedly mind altering and spiritual free jazz/trance/folk jam, all recorded live with some absolutely fantastic musicians – Tom Page and Lascelle Gordon on drums and percussion, Marcus Hamblett on trumpet and Etienne Jaumet on sax.

So now I’m officially an Animal Spirit, which is the name of the album! I won’t tell you what I was playing though, you’ll have to wait until the 3rd November to find out, which is the official release date on Border Community Records.

Check out the taster track below, it’s really very tasty! You can also pre order the album here.

NEWSFLASH: Studio dates ahoy!

So….THIS is what happened last time we all got together to work on my last EP, Out of Control….

Photo by David Ryder Prangley
Photo by David Ryder Prangley

Studio time is now BOOKED for the end of August to work on my upcoming EP, planned release in January 2018!

Some of the same culprits will be BACK together with some new and awesome folk for more alternative musical adventures….

Let the craziness commence! LX

Late Summer and Plans are Afoot!

I can’t believe it’s nearly August already! We have had a fantastic time this summer playing across the UK at festivals from Devon to the Midlands. After chatting to so many of you we have found ourselves with a long list of your email addresses- we will be sending out an electronic goodie bag very soon with some exclusive recordings so keep an eye on your inbox!

Liza Bec playing at Little Bridgestock Festival

We were really pleased that DOMINO, our short film, got a great reception at Byline Festival with some lovely feedback from the audience. We’re looking forward to working on a special audiovisual feature at next year’s festival, and if you can’t wait till then we will also be playing at another Byline event at Lights of Soho on 4th September. You can sign up for free advance tickets on the Facebook event here.

Check out our latest gig announcements – we will be up and down a few more times before taking a break to plan a tour for my next EP release in January. Liza x

DOMINO and more summer fun

So it’s June already and we are kicking off the festival season- can’t believe it!We have got some new songs on the boil, plus extremely excited to announce that DOMINO our new short film, directed by Benjamin Britworth, will be premiered at Byline Festival this weekend. It’s looking to be a fantastic and varied weekend with speakers including John Cleese and many others. We’ll also be performing a live acoustic set on the Friday night.Purdue and Bec June Dates

The film features music by both Will and myself together with Will acting in one of the main roles. You can see the trailer here….

Check out this link for more dates this summer!

I’m also plotting a new EP which will be out in the autumn together with Will’s new music. AND I have been holed up with the band for a few days writing some brand new sexy rock for Bordello Rose – more news on that soon.

Hoping to see you out at one of our summer gigs for some sunshine and music!

Bring on the spring!

I can’t believe it’s the end of February already! Saying that, despite the winter gloom we have been pretty productive, although we did escape to Morocco for some cheeky waves and sunshine at the end of January!

View from our hotel!
View from our hotel!

Since then, though, we’ve been hard at work. Will‘s new EPs are more than half done- just the vocals and woodwind to add now, and I can confirm it’s sounding awesome, complete with viola and pedal steel!

We are very nearly done filming our new short film collaboration with Benjamin Britworth, with a brand new project also in the offing which I will be working on the soundtrack for. I’m really looking forward to writing some exciting and diverse music for that, plus refreshing my dormant Pro Tools/Sibelius skills.

Bordello Rose are also back in action- we were out supporting the awesome New Generation Superstars just last night with two brand new songs. It felt great to be up and rocking again! There will be some new music released later this year, complete with another epic launch party (we’ll see if we can get Dave in fishnets this time!).

I got the VERY EXCITING news just the other day that James Holden‘s new album has been mastered- I can’t reveal any more but I can confirm that it sounds amazing and I can’t wait to get together with the rest of the guys to play it live!

Purdue and Bec by David Ryder Prangley
Purdue and Bec by David Ryder Prangley

I will leave you with a shot fresh from our Purdue and Bec photoshoot with the amazing David Ryder Prangley.  Check out the festival dates so far if you haven’t already, including the fantastic Byline Festival– hoping to see you all out there live sometime this summer!

Festival madness!

Well, it’s that time of year….when all the independent musicians are hibernating indoors doing their admin. Let’s not mention the TAX RETURN as this year I have delegated that joyous task to a lovely accountant. I’m talking about festival admin. For Purdue and Bec and Bordello Rose, mainly.  So if you have anywhere you’d like us to play get in touch… with us and them, recommendations always help!purdue-and-bec-logo

We’re having a month off gigging in order to recharge the batteries and work on some new material. Luckily this has coincided with my coming down with the ubiquitous and rather spectacular lurgy/bronchitis/general voice wrecking virus. On the plus side, it means that I really don’t have an excuse to put off invoicing/emailing/researching and doing all the stuff we put of cos playing is so much more fun!


Will’s two new EPs are being recorded over the next couple of months as well as a new short film project with Benjamin Britworth, and we have some plans for a series to be recorded later in the year. We had such a brilliant 2016 collaborating with amazing visual artists and  musicians so we are looking forward to building on that into 2017.

Goodbye 2016!

Well, it’s been an eventful year- full to the brim with so many fun projects! I’m looking forward to much more of the same in 2017.  It’s been fantastic to have so much more time and space to spend on music these days and I’m incredibly grateful to all the people who have made that possible.


Not only did Bordello Rose finally release our first album ( and about time given that we recorded it in 2014!) I have put out two solo EPs and videos as Liza Bec- check them out if you haven’t already!

Will Purdue and I have also been on the road with an eventful tour as Purdue and Bec –  up and down the UK, Sweden and Denmark gigging our little hearts out with some very cool outfits from Kapow Meggings!

Photo copyright BOZAR Brussels 2016

I’ve really enjoyed unleashing my inner free jazz demon when collaborating with James Holden on his latest record. Can’t wait until it is due out in 2017- we have had lots of fun performing at Bozar, Brussels and Turin Jazz Festival so far and looking forward to more dates next year.

We have had some amazing photo shoots with Martin Petty and David Ryder Prangley – in the last one I actually managed to perform some unintended gymnastics and damage the photographic paper, so will not be overestimating my agility in the future. Even though I did manage a pretty cool inversion on the monkey bars in the dressing room in Turin a few weeks ago without harming anyone!

We’re looking forward to more collaborations with Benjamin Britworth and David Ryder Prangley next year, including a short film and a series of videos which we want everyone to get involved in. Can’t wait to tell you all about it! Until then it’s only left to wish you all a very happy New Year- may you have health happiness and as much champagne as you can drink!

Out of Control Launch Party

I’m writing this somewhat bleary-eyed after a fantastic evening at Folklore Hoxton. The cast and crew of the film all came together for a few beverages and to see the end result for the first time….

Much merriment was had by all- a huge thank you to everyone involved! Hope you all enjoy the vid- can’t wait to hear what you think. We’ll be back on stage at the O2 Islington on the 3rd December- see you then! X

Out Of Control….PRE ORDER NOW!

Excitement here has reached uncontrollable levels…. you too can be Out of Control for a mere £3.95 on iTunes! Click HERE now to pre order!

Copyright Benjamin Britworth 2016
Copyright Benjamin Britworth 2016

It’s been a really amazing 6 months making this EP…. and I have had so much incredible support from everyone involved in making it. So all the cast and crew involved in the short film will be coming together at a secret London location at 5pm tonight to celebrate…. plus we’ll be broadcasting a special acoustic performance at 5.30pm. Follow my Facebook page to watch it live!

We also have a couple of dates left on our tour – on the 3rd Dec at O2 Academy Islington and on the 7th at Tooting Tram and Social for our collaboration with Martin Petty. Hope to catch you there! x