Liza Bec by David Ryder Prangley 2021

Liza is a multi instrumentalist, composer and author whose work explores themes of consciousness, time and space. Working in collaboration with their band Spiral Dial they combine intricate layers of woodwinds and vocals with ideas drawn from science and medicine to create imaginative and innovative soundscapes and stories.

Introduced to both science and music at an extremely early age, Liza achieved Grade Eight Distinction on the recorder at the age of 12 and made their concerto debut with the band of the Royal Marines at the same age. After studying Geology at the University of Oxford they completed a Masters in classical Clarinet Performance at Trinity College of Music, London,  where they were awarded a Distinction and the Hambleton Clarinet Prize.

They had only been performing professionally for a short time when they were  diagnosed with a rare form of reflex epilepsy, triggered by playing certain patterns of notes.  Having worked extensively with Live Music Now! and Music in Hospitals, Liza was inspired to study medicine at King’s College London. They gained a place on the highly competitive Graduate Entry programme, qualifying as a doctor in 2011.

Alongside their medical studies they re-learnt how to play, focusing on improvisation in order to bypass the glitches in their brain. Their first professional performances after their diagnosis were with The Memory Band. After releasing an album with original rock band Bordello Rose they received positive reviews in Prog! and Team Rock magazines.

Liza then collaborated with electronic artist James Holden on ‘The Animal Spirits’ (2017), co-writing ‘Spinning Dance’ and playing recorder, sax and clarinet on many subsequent European tour dates. Solo EP and short story ‘Beyond the Blonde’ was released on limited edition vinyl in May 2018.

Liza was funded by Help Musicians UK Fusion Fund in 2018-19 to produce Innervate, a short story and AV installation about music triggered epilepsy. They use their scientific and medical training to inform and inspire their creative practice. They are currently producing Spiral Dial, a monthly serial sci-fi story and soundscape released on the last Friday of every month.

Liza plays on a Syos saxophone mouthpiece. They have also built a customised tenor recorder – the ‘robo-recorder’- with integrated circuit board to control her live electroacoustic setup on Max for Live. They are available for session work and for interesting collaborations.


Recorders: sopranino, descant, treble, tenor; robo recorder

Clarinets: Eb, Bb, A, Bass

Saxophones: Sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor



Vocals: mezzo soprano

Excellent sight reading skills

Production: Ableton Live, basic Max for Live. Anarres Studio is available for home recording sessions.