Beyond the Blonde

Fusing alt rock and folk in the soundtrack to a surrealist thriller, Beyond the Blonde is the new EP from alternative multi-instrumentalist and storyteller Liza Bec. 

RIYL: Tori Amos,  Fiona Apple, Portishead

Graphics by Catalina Velasquez G, Photography by David Ryder Prangley
Graphics by Catalina Velasquez G, Photography by David Ryder Prangley

TeamRock: ‘hugely talented….her voice was truly unique, and when you added her abilities on the saxophone, keyboard and recorder to the mix throughout the set, you had a potent combination’

The Guardian: ‘joyous….ecstatic, burbling flute improvisations‘       Pitchfork: ‘Here, the pagan barn-dance really gets going….Bec’s treble recorder trills its way through the gaps, drunk on moonshine and tripping over hay bales’ Praise for ‘Spinning Dance’, 2017 co-write with James Holden, featured album of the day on BBC 6music  Nov 14 2017

Do you like to play with time? Opening with an alt folk hypnotic romp in several different time signatures, Beyond the Blonde will certainly twist your view of reality. Bec is hard to pin down: a charismatic multi instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and author, she fuses genres from funk to folk to create her own unique sound.

Watch a special preview of the video for single ‘How Do You Live’ now, visuals by Dan Tombs (Gold Panda, James Holden) and due for release on the 11th June.


The EP opens with an ethereal modern madrigal, ‘How do you live’. Underpinned by tranquil echoes of haunting piano and soaring woodwind, the vocals are as seductively languid as the protagonist they describe. The title track then erupts with an explosive Northern Soul energy, winding through an inviting forest of funky bass, ardent sax and playful North African drums from Adam Hayes. The end result is a sunshiny stomper refreshingly at odds with its nihilistic themes.

“Paris” sees Bec glide seamlessly into wistful bluesy harmony with long-term collaborator Will Purdue, whose Cohen-esque baritones cast a pleasingly brooding atmosphere over this poignant tale of parted lovers. This is followed by ‘Knock Knock’, a short but exquisitely sweet ditty with shades of Kate Bush at her very best, and “I Run to You” – a luscious dreamscape of love and heartbreak that will leave you addicted and aching for more.

Liza Bec and Will Purdue by David Ryder Prangley, September 2017Liza Bec and Will Purdue by David Ryder Prangley, September 2017

And there is more: Beyond the Blonde forms the soundtrack to a thrilling original short story (read here)which fuses romance and science fiction. Bec has collaborated with visual artist Catalina Velasquez G, fresh from working with Father John Misty, to create stunning original artwork for the limited edition 12 inch vinyl. The booklet features eye-catching photography from David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp) who can also be heard on bass guitar and backing vocals.

The EP release was released on the 9th May at the Half Moon Putney as part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival on 12 inch vinyl.  The new video for How Do You Live will be released on the 11th June.     Download Now