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The alternative multi-instrumentalist returns with a brave new EP, tackling some of the darkest themes of life.

Quick to separate herself from a pop singer, alternative songwriter Liza Bec has really followed her heart with her new release. It’s a constant battle between dark and light, death and survival, and features stories of pain contrasted with moments of true beauty.

‘I want to tackle some of the horrors of life, discuss them, and create something meaningful in my music’

Liza has taken direction from her heroes (notably Tori Amos and Kate Bush) and followed her creativity to wherever it leads, irrelevant of what people might want from a female artist. This is perfectly encapsulated in the raw, direct feel of the EP and the boldness of the themes. She’s difficult to describe and even more difficult to forget, with the gorgeous theatricality of her voice, and the ability to play multiple instruments seamlessly, which is a true delight to watch live.

Photo © Benjamin Britworth 2016

You can hear how necessary Out Of Control is for the artist, and it’s refreshing to hear a new female artist pushing the boundaries as far as this record does. Listen to an exclusive preview of the EP here.

To produce the short film for Out of Control, Liza worked closely with writer-director Benjamin Britworth, to realise an entrancing vision of Dionysian excess,  entertaining a complex, non-linear plot-line that revolves round risqué subject matters; such as murder, abuse, drug taking and cults.”

The release date for the EP is the 12th December 2016, with the short film for the title track prepared to drop on the 27th November. To promote the EP Liza is going on a UK wide tour with partner in crime Will Purdue with outfits sponsored by Kapow Meggings. She is also collaborating with electronic artist James Holden on his latest release, due out in 2017.

SOUNDS LIKE: Tori Amos, Suzanne Vega, Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple

DIGITAL RELEASE: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify et al. Tracks downloadable from secret Soundcloud link above for radio airplay

CONTACT: lizabecmusic@gmail.com





Multi Instrumentalist, Composer and Author