Have you ever wondered what might happen if the delicate connection between your brain and body broke? If you told your hand to move, and instead it jumped? If you told your feet to walk, and instead they danced?

INNERVATE aims to answer all those questions and more. An immersive audiovisual experience and short story, it is based on Liza’s own experience of living with and overcoming music triggered reflex epilepsy.

Receiving this career-ending diagnosis as a classical clarinettist gave her the unexpected chance to learn to play again, to experience all the weird and wonderful sounds that the worlds of folk and free jazz have to offer, and to step into the magical realm of electroacoustics while collaborating with James Holden and the Animal Spirits.

Liza created her own custom instrument to realise this project, working with pioneering electronicist Leafcutter John. Part computer, part tenor recorder, this beast melds with Liza’s ethereal vocals to create melodic synthesised soundscapes evoking the spirit of her story.

Using custom patches in Max for Live triggered by sound, all of the music was improvised live in one take without using pre-recorded samples or sequencers. Liza has partnered with Epilepsy Action and the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine with the aim of raising awareness that it is possible to overcome a chronic condition like epilepsy successfully and even have it add to your professional career.

Listen to INNERVATE here:

Read the accompanying short story here: INNERVATE by Liza Bec (EPK)

Innervate features visuals from Dan Tombs (Jon Hopkins/Gold Panda) and graphical design from Catalina Velasquez-Gonzalez. Photography by David Ryder Prangley, who also plays bass guitar, and percussion from Adam Hayes. Many thanks to Help Musicians UK’s Fusion Fund for the funding to create this work.

Multi Instrumentalist, Composer and Author