Rhian the robo recorder, exiled from their home world of Agender, is left stranded on Earth searching for sounds that resonate with their soul. 

Experience the world through gender free eyes. Listen on Resonance FM, 8pm 18th February 2022. 

“Off the Agender” concept and script by Liza Bec

With the exception of the poem “Spatiotemporal Discontinuity” written by Bogi Takács and previously published in Uncanny Magazine

Performed live at Anarres on 2nd February 2022 with improvised music by:

Liza Bec – Robo recorder, reed flute, sopranino and alto saxophones, vocals, piano, electronics, narration 

David Ryder Prangley – Narration, bass guitar

Lascelle Gordon – Percussion, reed flute

Recorded, produced and mixed by Liza Bec at Anarres Studios. 

Mastered by Camilo Tirado.

Track Listing 

Ursula K Le Guin and Todd Barton – Long Singing

Spiral Dial – Sunshine Velvet

Arca featuring Shirley Manson – Alien Inside 

“Spatiotemporal Discontinuity” poem written by Bogi Takács, music improvised live

CN Lester – Aether 

Tami T – It’s Not Your Right To Know (Remix)

brin solomon – Clarinet Sonata 3rd movement

Additional Samples

Ursula K Le Guin and Todd Barton – Heron Song

Arca – Musculos 

Spiral Dial – Knit

Spiral Dial – Drip Stand