Beyond the Blonde 12″ VINYL


Strictly limited edition 5 track 12″ vinyl EP with the short story ‘Beyond the Blonde’ included as a stunning insert. We’ll post it out to you for the release date (9th May 2018).

Graphics by Catalina Velasquez G, Photography by David Ryder Prangley


Graphics by Catalina Velasquez G, Photography by David Ryder Prangley

Do you like to play with time? Opening with an alt folk hypnotic romp in several different time signatures, Beyond the Blonde will certainly twist your view of reality. Bec is hard to pin down: a charismatic multi instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and author, she fuses genres from funk to folk to create her own unique sound.

Available here on strictly limited edition 12″ vinyl, playing at 45RPM for superior audio quality, Beyond the Blonde forms the soundtrack to a thrilling original short story which fuses romance with science fiction. Bec has collaborated with visual artist Catalina Velasquez G, fresh from working with Father John Misty, to create stunning original artwork for the 12 inch vinyl insert. The booklet features eye-catching photography from David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp) who can also be heard on bass guitar and backing vocals.

Available on pre-order in advance of its release in May 2018- only a few copies have been printed so reserve yours now!


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