Spiral Dial @Servant Jazz Quarters, 3rd February


Spiral Dial will play live at Servant Jazz Quarters on 3rd February 2020 to celebrate the release of their debut single Brain Song, out on 24th January. With support from poet Ed Luker.

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Fresh from touring with James Holden and the Animal Spirits, Liza Bec presents her innovative electroacoustic improvisational ensemble Spiral Dial. They are celebrating the release of Brain Song and its accompanying short story, INNERVATE, out on the 24th January 2020.

Liza’s life as a classical clarinettist was transformed when she was diagnosed in 2008 with a rare form of epilepsy triggered by playing certain patterns of notes.

“I had to re-learn how to play”, Liza says. “I spent several years without playing a note.”

She finally overcame this obstacle by discovering a new talent for improvising, allowing her to avoid most of her triggers.

The music for INNERVATE is based on her original short story set in a world where minds are mere commodities to be disposed of at will. Everything is improvised live, so this performance will be completely unique.

Using a customized robotic tenor recorder created with the help of Leafcutter John, Liza creates hypnotic and mesmerizing soundscapes, together with David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant) on bass guitar and Adam Hayes on percussion.

Support comes from Ed Luker, a poet, teacher, and writer. He currently teaches at University of Surrey, Birkbeck, and the Bishopsgate Institute. In 2017 he was poet in residence at Performing Arts Forum, France. He runs the poetry events platform and radio show Rivet. His latest book poems, Heavy Waters, was release on The87Press last year.

Liza thanks Help Musicians UK Fusion Fund for their support in making INNERVATE.