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    Spiral Dial Episode One: Sunshine Velvet DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

    Spiral Dial present sci fi with a soundscape: a new song and story on the last Friday of every month.

    Jessica flees the Army Medical Corps for a quiet life on board the mysterious research vessel Spiral Dial. When crew members start sickening she must unearth the ship’s secrets or be consumed by them.

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    Live at Servant Jazz Quarters – Spiral Dial DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

    Recorded live at Servant Jazz Quarters, February 2020
    High quality digital download
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    Brain Song – Spiral Dial DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

    Enter a musical, magical dystopia inspired by Liza Bec’s real life experience of music triggered epilepsy.  Includes short story Innervate and single Brain Song.

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    Beyond The Blonde DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

    5 track high quality digital download of ‘Beyond The Blonde’, plus a digital copy of the short story to read.

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    Bordello Rose ALBUM DOWNLOAD

    Want your own piece of prog-glam-bluesy-space-metal-folk-rock? Described as ‘kind of a crazy mix of Fleetwood Mac and Van Halen with a whole load of strangeness thrown in too- thoroughly recommended’.  Ten track digital download as high quality wav files.

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    Beyond the Blonde EP on CD

    Do you like to play with time? Opening with an alt folk hypnotic romp in several different time signatures, Beyond the Blonde will certainly twist your view of reality.  CD edition in custom designed cardboard wallet.

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    Where the Waves are Breaking EP DOWNLOAD

    Inspired by a surf trip to Barbados, Liza’s first three track EP was recorded in one day in the studio and features Kamil J Krol on drums and David Ryder Prangley on bass.

    Available here as high quality digital download.

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    Out Of Control EP DOWNLOAD

    Liza’s second 5 track EP tackles some of the darkest events in life, from suicide, loss and grief to mental illness. It’s a constant battle between dark and light, death and survival, and features stories of pain contrasted with moments of true beauty.


    Available here as high quality digital download.

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    Bordello Rose CD ALBUM

    The debut album from Bordello Rose!

    Featuring singles ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Outta My Head’.

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    Songs About Sins – CD Album

    Seven deadly musical sins for your delectation! Liza’s first full length album, not available on Spotify or iTunes.

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    Beyond the Blonde 12″ VINYL

    Strictly limited edition 5 track 12″ vinyl EP with the short story ‘Beyond the Blonde’ included as a stunning insert. We’ll post it out to you for the release date (9th May 2018).

    Graphics by Catalina Velasquez G, Photography by David Ryder Prangley